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Students sketched, analyzed, and reflected about various pieces of art in “The Circus Show”-Thank you to Mrs. Bend and to our parent volunteers 🙂

Circus—a glimpse into the visual world of this phenomenon during the height of its popularity, 1850 to 1960. Approximately 40 circus-themed paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and posters by artists such as Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec delve into life under the big top and its wider connections to culture and society.-RISD

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Field of Exploration

Students had an engaging and fun learning experience traveling to Bristol, RI to the Audubon Society to continue our research own owls of New England for our Animal Adaptation Unit!

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Third Grade Rocks! 








Pictures from our AWESOME celebration….. after reading The Chocolate Touch! 

  • Just completed our first read aloud, Because of Mr. Terupt, by Rob Buyea
  • Currently reading, The Thing About Georgie, during guided reading…….AMAZING! Ask your child….what is the “special” thing about Georgie?



Literature Circles

Students learn to work together by collaborating and listening to one another’s amazing responses to literature while being led by a student facilitator.

Skills we are practicing….

Before Reading:

  • preview
  • use background knowledge
  • predict
  • question: What do I already know about the topic?
  • think aloud

During Reading:

  • use text or story structure (cause-effect, sequence, compare/contrast, story elements)
  • visualize
  • question: Do I understand this? What does the author mean by this?
  • clarify
  • think aloud

After Reading:

  • retell or summarize
  • question: What happened next? What would I have done? What does this remind me of? How do I feel about this?
  • think aloud




Math is fun when multiplying  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Students are learning how to solve various multiplication equations using colored cubes. Students will be expected to create multiplication stories while explaining their thinking soon!


Cursive! Script! Yes! We began writing in cursive and we are super excited.

Why cursive? What do you think?


Current Writing Genre-Fantasy

Learning about the process of identifying the characteristics of a fantasy is key:

  • could the story really have happened?
  • could the characters really exist? Why or why not?
  • where does the story take place? Could it really exist?  Why or why not?
  • Do the characters behave in ways that seem true-to life? Explain

Factreading fantasy helps students explore and apply their understanding of literary elements and of the difference between what is real and what is not.

Grade Level Expectations:

  • students can identify a selection’s setting and plot and any unrealistic features they represent.
  • students can identify a fantasy’s characters and any unrealistic traits or actions they represent.
  • students can identify several characters from fantasies, explaining ways they are realistic and unrealistic.


The Rag Coat- a book bag project for families! “People only need people”…..Minna reiterates through this heart-felt story.  This literacy experience reminds us all what is really important in life.

Science Unit – Magnetism and Electricity


1. Students will become familiar with the vocabulary associated with magnetism and electricity.

2.  Students will become familiar with the properties of magnets.

3.  Students will learn to plan and conduct experiments and control the variables.

4.  Students will observe, describe, and record the results of their experiments.

5.  Students will learn to use the skill of prediction.

6.  Students will learn to interpret the results of experiments to draw conclusions.

7.  Students will use technology to enhance their research, graphics, and assessment skills.

8.  Students will develop an interest in experimenting on magnets and electricity.

9.  Students will research the history of magnetism and important milestones in the discovery and use of electricity.

10. Students will appreciate how magnets are used in household appliances.



Gizmo is ready to share the classroom with our new adopted Guinea Pig…..stay tuned!

We are currently in the adoption process! 🙂


  • I will be at a literacy conference this Wednesday, so there will be a substitute teacher.
  • Students will lead their first assembly a week from Wednesday.
  • The Rag Coat book bag project will be going home to families.
  • Remember- homework is due every Wednesday and Friday.  In addition, every Friday student reading logs will be due.  Lastly, students should be reading and studying their math facts nightly.
  • Students MUST be bundled up with winter attire.  It is cold outside and students need to be prepared for recess and outdoor excursions that might be spontaneous at times!

Thank you!

Mrs. Davis