Second Grade Toy Store

Congratulations to the children and families of our second graders. They’ve been hired! They received this notification from the Design Lab today:

Congratulations! You have been hired to design and build a new toy! Your product will be marketed and sold across the nation (after many ITERATIONS, of course).

  • Step 1: Frame the problemIMG_7290

“How might we design a game, toy, or activity so that children will enjoy it, learn from it, and learn how to cooperate with others?”

  • Step 2: Empathize/Immerse

 We learn about the user of the toy we are designing and conduct focus group interviews.

  • Step 3: Ideate & Prototype!

Build it!

  • Step 4: Test

Try to sell your product. You will need an advertisement! Think about commercials, magazine & newspaper ads….