The Rag Coat Tradition Lives On

The Rag Coat

The Rag Coat Lives On.....

Students in the second grade class continue the wonderful tradition of celebrating literacy with family members over a cup of hot chocolate. Since 2001, students at JCDSRI have been taking a very special book bag home to share and enjoy with their families. Inside the book bag is not just a book and some materials; it is an intimate family experience. Families first jump into the weathered bag to read the “Things to Do” list, then put on the magical thinking scarf or hat, and snuggle together while reading the beautiful story by Lauren Mills, The Rag Coat.

In this story, we are reminded that “people only need people.” I won’t give too much away, but you can ask one of our second graders at JCDSRI, any student in grades 3-5, or one of our alumni. One of the most special aspects of this project is when a student brings back one of their special fabrics to share with the class. In the story, Minna’s community comes together to sew a winter coat for her because she does not own a coat. The coat is made from material that other families brought from home, and each piece is special and tells its own unique story. When our JCDSRI students come together to share their “special something,” it is amazing to see the way it also brings our own community together.