Late November in Thirdgradia

We’re back!  Welcome to the blog. 

Our first subject is math.  This week we have been working hard.  We started a new unit on addition with regrouping.  We got to use this thing called the PVC, place value chart.  It’s really good because we get to do our own method, aka regrouping.  The PVC was handmade by Thirdgradia, we use unit cubes and do the problems in our hard cover math books.

 img_0375 img_0373

We have been doing a lot of writing.  We have been writing persuasive essays.  These bloggers essays are about the Spice Girls and Michael Jackson.  We made up a new name for  writing: the writing factory.  Push a button to start it up, but don’t hit self destruct or Mr. Mirsky will put it back to old school writing.


In Hebrew we have been doing a really fun test where we copy the sentences in Hebrew and draw pictures — oh that reminds us!  Thirdgradian parents, we are WARNING you: you are going to have pictures overflowing your house because your kids will do Lights of Your Life posters for Hanukkah.  


Thirdgradia is looking forward to a lot of things in the coming weeks.  We will have some buddy time on Monday with a Thanksgiving snack feast.  We can’t wait for you to see these pictures, all the ones on the blog were taken by us.  Another thing we are really excited for is we are getting Pen Pals from Los Angeles.  


In community time, we talked about the transition song.  We talked about how to use it properly, and if we should get a longer one.  Our citizens thought it would be a good idea to make up our OWN transition song.  


Since we are learning about persuasive essays, let’s write a conclusion now. Thirdgradia is the best third grade in the history of third grade.  Au revoir, adios, shalom, good bye.  Until next time.  🙂