An Egg-cellent Egg-spiriment

After extensive focus on the anatomy of teeth, we concluded our All About Me Unit, with the our first experiment of the year.


Students wondered what would happen to  the white egg if it was soaked in Coke. They wondered what might happen if they soaked a white egg in water.  Many of their predictions were very creative. “I predict that the egg will explode!” or “I predict that the egg will get mushy,” or “The egg will get spotted.”  There is nothing better than hearing a gasp of amazement from a first grader. They were all surprised to see the dark brown egg emerge from the caramel colored soda.

“What happened to the egg in water?” “I bet it got bigger!”


Here is our Israel emissary, Gilor showing the students how to spell the Hebrew word for egg.


First grade showing pride in their work!

egg 1