The Blessing of a Scratchy Voice

Thursday morning is my favorite time of the week.  It is always such a pleasure to see my former first grade students join us for T’fillot.

Last week was especially wonderful. Unfortunately, the curse of a teacher is the occasional loss of her voice. Students confidently took on the responsibility of leading the prayers without any help from their scratchy-voiced teacher. I was kvelling!

With extra time remaining for the period, I shared that my daughter will finish her service in the Israeli Army. The 2nd grade often asks about my daughter since meeting her last year during a furlough. This sparked an incredible conversation about our connections to Israel. One thing led to another and we were unfurling my enormous Israeli flag. Twenty six sets of hands held on to the edge of the flag. We sang the Israeli national anthem, the Hatikvah. It was a truly magical moment which I was able to capture! Have I mentioned lately how proud I am to be a teacher in this school? So proud!