Early November in Thirdgradia

Welcome to our presentation of third grade.

math-test-1 math-test-2

In math this week we took a math test.  During the “quick six” we did 286-99= ____ – 1.  We also had a review packet.   Mr Mirsky taught us how to estimate using front-end estimation.

yael ella

In writing we went to the computer lab and researched.  It was cool because Mr. Mirsky showed us this thing called Google docs. All week we have been working on claims, evidence and reasoning.  Mr.  Mirsky read us an article about the baseball team, the Indians and how Chief Wahoo is their mascot.  People disagree about it.  In spelling we have done a lot of spelling tests and this week for the first time we got spelling homework.  

comm-time1  talk

In Hebrew we played a lot of games with Morah Mills and Rotem.  We saw the video of Rotem’s old classmate.  We also had a quiz that was three pages long.  

pj-time-2  pj-time

In community time we thought of a new job for the Life Keeper.  We needed a new job because the Guinea Pigs went back to Ms. Boor.  We decided the Life Keeper would write letters to the kids.  Also anyone can write them but they have to have their name, the date, and who it is to.  Inside you have to write something nice.  We also made a mailbox that is called the Message Rail Road station.  Our friends are decorating it right now and we are going to end this blog now so we can help them.  


Peace out cub scouts!  See you next time on blogs on the run.