Fall in PreK!

We are only a few weeks into Autumn, and our days have already been filled with multiple explorations and discoveries! Our Science Table now reflects the bounty of this season. We are learning to distinguish different kinds of leaves (maple and ginkgo seem to be our favorites), as well as identify a number of berries and seeds.


Our Discovery Trays are also filled to the brim with found treasures, including leaves, acorns, and squash.


Two weeks ago, inspired by the many Fall books in our library (including Lois Ehlert’s Leaf Man), we explored our playground and went on a nature walk around the neighborhood. During our walk, we discovered multiple natural wonders and collected and then identified many different kinds of leaves, including oak, maple, ginkgo, Japanese maple, beech, and cranberry.



While we walked, we utilized our investigative skills, followed directions, cultivated impulse control, and practiced caring for our partners using hesed (kindness) and kavod (respect).

IMG_6950 We even had a great time creating leaf piles and jumping into them!


We also created beautiful watercolor pictures in which we painted our interpretations of Fall.



Our creations are hanging on our main bulletin board.


We invite you to see them and read our commentaries!

Wish list for PreK: 

We need more 7th Generation wipes to clean our tables and toys!

We also need some flushable wipes for our bathroom!

Finally, if you have “real” (not plastic, but metal) tweezers, we would appreciate having them. In addition, if you have any materials that scientists might use in a lab (beakers, test-tubes, etc.), we would appreciate the donation!