Then and Now and the 100th Day!

We’ve been enjoying some very busy weeks in Kindergarten!

We read Then and Now and learned how things we use today are different from things we used long ago.


  • Children played with toy cars molded out of metal


  • While metal toy cars still exist, now we can also play with remote control cars.


  • Children built with wooden log sets (We can still build with wooden log sets and we even have one in our classroom!)


  • We can build with construction kits that have wheels, gears, and motors to make machines move on their own.


  • Children played games such as hopscotch.


  • Although hopscotch is also still played, now we have playground equipment with different activity areas such as climbing walls and zip lines.


  • Schools were very different. Children of all ages used to sit next to one another on benches and listen to the teacher.


  • Children work at centers, tables, and desks, and learn from one another as well.


  • People used handwritten letters to correspond with people living far away.


  • We can send emails and correspond via webcams. (We also learned how webcams have changed).


  • Children went to school by horse and buggy.


  • We can get to school by walking, taking the school bus, cars, bikes, etc.


  • A long time ago, telephones didn’t have buttons or dials, and operators had to connect calls by plugging in different wires.


  • People can use cell phones/smart phones to make calls from anywhere.


  • People did laundry by scrubbing wet clothes on washboards in large tubs and hanging them to dry.


  • We have washers and dryers


  • Phonographs were a popular way to play music


  • Now we can download music.


  • People listened to adventure stories, funny skits, and mysteries on the radio.


  • People watch movies and shows on televisions.

now and then

now and then 2

now and then 3

Some of our Amazing Words:

  • gears
  • handwritten
  • headphones
  • webcam
  • phonograph
  • newspapers

New sight words:

  • they
  • you
  • of

The children practiced counting objects by twos and fives and started organizing groups of five using tally marks.




Each child was given a bag with an ice cube and had to figure out the fastest way to melt it.

Between our resting mats:

ice 5

Inside a puppet:

ice 4


Underneath a lamp:

ice 3


In the sunshine:

ice 2


Over the heater:

ice 7


Under the warm water:

ice 6


Afterwards, the children wrote and illustrated the ways in which they attempted to melt their ice cube.

science journal 2

We celebrated our 100th day of school! We took our 10 bundles of ten, put them together with an elastic band, and moved them to the hundreds column:

100th 2


Each child selected three “prizes” to represent the three digits in the number one hundred. We counted out one hundred M&Ms and enjoyed cupcakes!

cupcake 3

counting 100th 1

counting 100th

counting 100th 3


cupcakes 1