January in Thirdgradia, Kid Edition

Howdy and Bon Jour,

January has been busy! We are so excited because we just finished our read aloud: Matilda!  Yeeeee!  It was an awesome book.  It was crazy when we found out that (spoiler alert) Ms. Honey’s aunt was the revolting gumboil Headmistress Trunchbull.  We are excited because next week we get to write our own amazing fantasy books.  


In math, time travelling Tesla came to Mr. Mirsky in a dream and asked us to design petting zoos for him.  Some kids  don’t think that really happened, but it helped us learn about multiplication.  We also learned our 6-9 times tables and a lot of different strategies.     

In Tefillah, we broke up into groups to learn about prayers.  We are continuing to study them and it is really fun. In Hebrew we started doing holiday work on Tu B’shvat (the birthday of the trees!).

Today in community time we talked about project time and how to organize our bulletin boards so that they have more kid writing.  We also will be hanging up our non-traditional homework presentations.  We just had three amazing presentations about Leonardo Da Vinci, Roald Dahl, and Greek Gods.

The most exciting part of the week is…..(drumroll please) the Chumash Ceremony parts.  We got our characters and we are so excited to perform for our families and friends!  

OK, time for shabbat.  Au Revoir from THIRDGRADIAN BLOGGERS.