December in Thirdgradia: Kid Edition


This is what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks:


Let’s start with science. We took wires and a battery and a light bulb and tried to make the light light up.  We also tried to make a long string of lights and make all of them light up.  We unplugged one of the lights but the other ones had to stay on.  img_0483img_0491

In spelling we are having a lot of tests.  We have pre-tests to help us prepare, and then a post test.  The theme last week was consonant blends.  Also in ELA, we finished our final persuasive essays and now we are starting on a new unit on Fantasy.  We are reading Matilda out loud.  We have jobs like “empath” who answers the question, “what would you do if you were _____.”  We also have an artist, our personal favorite, who has to draw a picture based on the chapter we are reading.


In community time we have been talking about problems and design solutions.  Just today Mr. Mirsky told us about a new money system (Cubucks).  We can earn them by doing more homework, not calling out, and being more respectful to our peers.  

In Judaics we made Parsha cakes based on scenes from the Torah portion with Jacob in it.  And we have been learning about Chanukah. We just finished our Lights of my Life project (see photos above).  They are hanging up in the Lobby and they look awesome.  


Peace out Cub Scouts.  See ya next year.

img_0563 img_0562