Welcoming in the New Year

We have been busy in second grade Judaic Studies doing a great job of recalling the Hebrew letters and how to read them after the summer break. Additionally, the students have been hard at work learning how to write the letters in script form.

Rosh Hashana is on the way and we have learned lots about the holiday.We have had great fun acting out many of the holiday activities and then guessing which holiday deed our classmates are doing.


We have learned many of the blessings/Brachot that we say on the holiday. We have done picture/blessing match up activities including playing memory with them.

We have learned about the Shofar through an inquiry based method in which the students began by thinking about what they already knew about the Shofar and how it’s made. Then we generated a list of questions that they wanted to find the answers to. The students were very curious about whether the shofar is naturally hollow or if there is a man-made process by which this happens. Through independent research on the Ipad, the students gained an excellent sense of how a Shofar is made.  Ask your child for a description of the shofar making process; they have quite a bit of information about this topic!

The second graders love to blow the Shofar and we have some expert Shofar blowers in our midst!