Weekly Update

First Stop: Video News

Quick note to parents: I send home school work to students throughout the week with hopes that you will look at it, learn about what your child is working on in class, and decide what is important enough to keep and what can be recycled.  It is my hope that through this work and through the classroom blog you get a window into what we are learning that week.

We had a busy week, as you can tell from our slightly hectic video news.  We are taking advantage of the few full weeks we have in October.

First I want to say thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us at Open School Night.  It was great to see familiar faces and welcome new ones.

We had a full week of learning in second grade filled with reading, writing and math.  In math, we are learning how to add large numbers vertically with and without regrouping.  Students got a chance to practice their math skills during our math center time with iPads, math games, and written practice.
2014-10-02 13.21.46 2014-10-01 08.54.16

2014-10-01 08.54.32 2014-10-02 13.21.33

We also spent some time in the garden during science time.  We observed, measured, and diagrammed our pea plants.  Additionally, after learning the meaning of the word “germinate”, we used a high-tech microscope to look at a the process of germination in a pea seed.  

2014-10-02 13.57.49   2014-10-02 13.57.52

In Design Lab, we used our creativity and teamwork to build a classroom sukkah!

2014-10-02 14.47.17  

This week in Writer’s Workshop, we began working on our first long term writing project.  Students will be writing, editing, and publishing a “Small Moment Story” which is a true story about an important moment in their lives.

2014-10-02 13.21.37  

We look forward to another half week of school!