Tamar’s Poetry Post

This was written a couple of weeks ago. Now that Poetry Night has already happened, it’s interesting to look pack at this process:

This week in writing we worked more on poetry.  Last week we started poems for the poetry night (though some of our previous poems will also be read there).  The ones that we started are poems about industry, nature, freedom, and the book of Shmot.  We have a list of poetic terms to use- at least three of in each poem, some of which are rhyme, hyperbole, and alliteration.

At our poetry night, we will read some of the poems we have written at Blue State Coffee.  I am very nervous for poetry night because not only will there be our parents (and maybe some others) at the poetry night, but also anyone in the cafe, so we will probably be reading poetry we wrote in front of strangers.  I am also looking forward to poetry night a lot, because we will get to share our poetry with our family.  Also, it’s an excuse to write a lot of poetry!