From Rotem’s Lashon Class

We are busy reading, talking, playing and learning in Hebrew.

Art and Lashon project: There are two goals for the project. linguistically (ways to describe oneself) and artistically (ways to draw oneself based on an Israeli artist Hanoch Pivan. In Lashon we are learning poems written by the Israeli author Yehuda Atlas. You can hear one of the poems in the link הילד הזה הוא אני . The students wrote about ‘אני’ (me) and draw themselves.


The group EinShem: We finished our reading from the story Boy’s Prayer. We have started our new workbook חברים בעברית Chaverim B’Ivrit. The group of verbs we are studying are in binyan pi’el (מדבר – talk, מספר – tell, משחק – play)

The group Hafalafelim: We continued with the topic “direct object” in Hebrew and learned how the personal singular pronouns can function as the object of the verb. We need a lot of practice. We also learned the infinitive form of verbs in binyan pa’al (כותב – לכתוב) and practice the use of them in sentences.

Native Hebrew speakers: We continued our work on the structure of the Hebrew sentences. In the book ‘מילה טובה’ the students practiced comprehensive reading.