Jodd’s Post about Poetry

One of Jodd's Favorite Books of Poetry
One of Jodd’s Favorite Books of Poetry

This week we were immersed in poetry. Each night we have been reading poetry and sharing a special poem that we liked with our class. I have read from many great poets about the sea, a woodpecker, God and more. In class we have learned about Haiku, couplets, and many literary devices. Do you know how many there are? Even more than the amount of fingers I have! I think that poetry is very important, but it can take time. Each word helps to make a whole. Not to be confused with a hole. A simple word can be the essence of a poem. The sun, a shirt, anything! Even more than the amount of my fingers and toes combined! Poetry can be hard sometimes, but everyone has a poet inside. I didn’t see myself as a poet when we started this unit. Now, I have written many poems that, in my opinion, are good. Very good! I bet you could do one too. Maybe I’ll try.


 Words are so important,

for words tell stories.

And without stories,

there is no joy.

In words.

I like that one too. I hope you like it. I can write more. Although, I’m running out of letters. Before I end it I will say. Poems are awe….. Wait, I can’t run out of letters.