Eliora’s Take on 2 Weeks

This week has been a fantabulous week, and is getting even better. For the past couple of weeks our class has been preparing for the JCDS annual Kabbalat Shabbat that will be happening tonight. Most of us have even memorized the songs we are singing. On Wednesday we finished the beautiful, heartwarming, and sad story, The Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo. As we read this book my heart overflowed with so many different emotions. Love, sadness, gratitude, happiness, excitement, wonder, and most of all creativity.

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We have now started our new book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Our class has also recently started algebra!!! To be honest I was completely freaked out and thought that algebra would be super hard. It turns out that it is a lot easier than I expected. It’s actually rather fun!

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We have all been working crazy hard on our Colonial American Newspaper Clipping Project for the past few weeks. It is due today, Friday December 19. We all can’t wait to see how we do. Anyways both groups will probably do very well. This week was amazing!


Note: Eliora began writing this last week (about last week) and finished writing it this week (about this week).