Eliora’s Post about the Fun Things We Did this Week

imageI have really enjoyed this week so far. On Wednesday in science we were challenged to write down all the things we wonder. All we had to do was look around and write questions about what we saw. I thought really hard, but it was impossible to write everything I wonder about. In design lab we had to build something that was innovative, creative, and collaborative. I built a futuristic car with Sivan and Elana. It had  driving, riding, animal, and child or prisoner sections in it. In reading we started Out of Many Waters. In it the two main characters Maria and Isobel are kidnapped from their parents because of their religious beliefs. They are taken to Bahia to work in a monastery and then taken to Recife to work for friars and face the judges. Maria tells Isobel that they are conversos and that they were never truly safe. In garden we did a lot of weeding and made the garden look really nice. We also watered, picked the millions of tomatoes we have, and picked the eggplant. Today we ate the eggplant, it was really good! We also had gym and art. In art we started to build abstract cardboard sculptures. In gym we played tennis baseball. This week was truly exciting!!!