Eliora’s Post about Products and Poetry

This week has been extremely fun filled, and just blew by like a gust of wind on a summer day. Last Friday our class learned that we would be starting an incredibly fun project in social studies, but only this Monday did we start. Our assignment is to create a factory produced item and explain the details in paragraphs. We are split into two groups, and each group is making something different. My group focused on how we could take something that exists and make it more environmentally friendly. We have to explain our power sources, factory location, labor contract, and so on. For my group’s final part of the project, we plan to actually make a prototype of our product.

Another incredibly interesting thing that we did this week was write. Write poetry. We went into the garden one day and wrote haiku about the nature around us. We took things in everyday life and turned them into poems that only come along once in a lifetime. ”Buzz, buzz,” a bee! “Crunch, crunch,” crunching leaves! At the end of the day when I heard the intercom, dry leaves crackling underfoot, I groaned. I was sad that school was over.


cool, whispering, wind

wandering and wondering

across the fast grass


silent, still, beauty

crystals, diamonds, rubies

more precious than all


reaching for the sun

swirling and growing with love

they’re luscious and green