My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks

Students were inspired by Chanoch Piven’s work in the creation of our Hebrew-Art project.  http://www.pivenworld.com/my-dog-is-as-smelly-as-dirty-socks/book-by-hanoch-piven

Each student chose a person from real life or fantasy and described that person’s character: “my mom is funny, my friend is fast, my dog is smart, my sister is sweet, my dad is cool, my teacher is thoughtful, Batman is dark……..”  In the week following Pesach break students will be representing these characteristics with items to create a portrait in art.  From the students’ writing, here are some ideas to get you started….

SMART things: ruler, computer, calculator, owl, Albert Einstein, dictionary

FUNNY things: smiley face, clown, joke book, Tina Fey, book, feather

FAST things: cheetah, train, lightning, bat

PRETTY things: princes, sunset, flower, spring, summer, sun, mom

SWEET things: candy, sugar, lollipop

CRAZY things: monkey, sugar rush

LOVING things: dog, dad, puppy, friend, heart, bear

WARM things: stove, fire

HELPFUL things: tools, internet

COMFORTING things: bed, pillow

LOUD things: megaphone, whistle, fireworks

SHARP things: knife

BUSY things: squirrel, soccer ball, maid, sprinter

STRONG things: gorilla

COOL things: skateboard, sunglasses

After the Pesach break each student will create her/ his person in art class. The people in the art work will be made out of items. Therefore, we ask the help of all the 4th and 5th grades’ students and families to gather the items/ things listed above and bring them to school.
Please don’t limit yourself to materials!

Toda, Mrs. Bend and Rotem