18 minutes of Passover in First grade

It is amazing what can be done in 18 minutes.

18 minutes is the time required to bake kosher for Passover Matzah.

8 months is what it took for our 5th grade buddies to design and build brick oven to bake our matzah. (They even made the bricks from recycled milk cartons!)

matzah 1


13 Haggadah binders were passed on to me when I arrived this summer to begin teaching.  13 treasures, which were my first hint of the amazing creativity and serious students I would have the pleasure to teach in September.

One student asked me why each page was laminated.

“It has to be laminated because just think of all the chicken soup that your children might spill on it when they use it at your own family Seder table.” Oh how their eyes became round as saucers at that idea!

Haggadah 1

Haggadah 2

Please! please! return these treasures on Monday so that I may add in their photos and put them back into the magical box to pass on to our 2nd grade teachers for next year.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Passover.  I am so looking forward to hearing all about it from the kids. Especially the 4 questions!