Celebrating Fairy Tales with our Buddies

During the month of January, Kindergarten took some time to learn all about the exciting world of fairy tales. Throughout the month, we read numerous fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs and many more. We enjoyed noticing the characters, setting and plot of each story and even incorporating STEAM activities into our learning. The students had a wonderful time building houses for the three little pigs out of different materials and seeing if the “wolf” could blow them down.

We also got together with our amazing 4th grade buddies to complete some silly fairy tale Mad Libs and, most importantly, make some awesome puppets! The buddies worked together to make their own fairy tale puppets for our class theater and, hopefully, they can perform shows for us soon. Stay tuned to see what exciting activities our buddies work on next!


Welcoming Fall in Kindergarten

As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change, Kindergarten students have been having a great time exploring and learning all about leaves and pumpkins. We spent a day digging through pumpkins and completing some amazing “Pumpkin Math.” Students drew the life cycle of a pumpkin and made predictions about whether their pumpkin would sink or float in water.  They also measured circumference and height. When we were done, we collected and dried the seeds and roasted them to make a tasty treat with cinnamon and sugar. 099


We also had an adventure taking a walk around the JCDS neighborhood to collect some autumn leaves. The class had a wonderful time finding all kinds of leaves in many shapes and colors. When we got back to the classroom, they sorted and graphed their leaves by shape, size and color.

We look forward to starting our science kit soon and begin exploring trees!


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Welcome to Gardening!

All the grades have been working hard this month to start “putting the garden to bed” and helping out with some school-wide projects. We have started utilizing the compost barrels and learning all about decomposers, worms, beetles and other helpful critters. Pre-K and Kindergarten are going to be responsible for the beautiful Butterfly Garden, coming this spring. All other grades also have their own garden bed, where they are excited to plant some of their favorite vegetables. Fourth and fifth grade has been doing an excellent job being in charge of collecting the compost during lunch and helping to remind some of the younger students what kinds of food can be composted. First grade is exploring decomposing apples and second and third grades are exploring worms! jacob-g2

The whole school has been working hard on our big garden project for the year…planting wheat! The students are busy clearing a plot of land for the wheat seeds, which will be planted this fall and (hopefully) bloom this upcoming spring. If all goes well, we will harvest our wheat by hand, process it and turn it into flour to use for making our Challah bread. Wheat is a staple ingredient in many foods of Israel and one of the 7 species, so this allows for wonderful integrated learning experiences with Judaic Studies.


Kindergarten Presents…4th Grade Buddies!

Last week the Kindergarten class got to have their first meeting with our awesome 4th grade buddies from Ms. Silva’s class! The buddies will now be joining us every Monday after lunch and spend our “rest time” with us. This is a wonderful opportunity for the buddies to read, write and relax together. Kindergarten is very excited that we just started reading the “Magic Tree House” series and will be starting a project to fill our own “tree house” (the loft) with magical books that we will write with the help of our amazing buddies. We hope to continue making wonderful memories with our buddies and inviting them to participate in some fun Autumn science experiments as the month progresses.

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten! The first few weeks of school have been filled with new discoveries, ex504citing games and lots of learning! In our play-based, student-centered kindergarten class, children learn and construct their own knowledge through discovery, investigation and hands-on projects. These first few weeks have been dedicated to building a strong classroom community through daily “Morning Meetings” and class games or projects. We completed an art project the first week of school, bringing our feelings to life through color. The students have also enjoyed honing their engineering skills while constructing awesome Lego structures.503

Stay tuned for more exciting posts regarding specific activities and information about fun Fall projects!


Mrs. Alison and Kindergarten