Passover in First Grade!


An important part of our Passover curriculum is to focus on the Hagaddah, which is the prayer book we use at the festive meal called a Seder. At JCDSRI, starting in Kindergarten, our students each create their own pages of the Hagaddah. Each year they add new pages which represent their learning as they progress to 5th grade. The students worked very hard and were very excited to take their Hagaddah home to show to their parents. When reminded that they need to return them upon their return from Passover break, they are often dismayed that they can’t keep them.

“Why can’t we keep them?”

“Each year you will learn new things about Passover and add new pages to your Hagaddah. When you graduate in 5th grade, you will take it home.”

“I can’t wait to be a 5th grader!”

(The above photo is a group of First and Fifth grade buddies enjoying each other’s company before the break.)



Here are two of our proud students, each holding their representations of one of the Four Children: The Wicked child, The Wise child, The Simple child and The Child Who Doesn’t Know How To Ask. Students have been introduced to the idea that perhaps, we all have a bit of each of the four children in each of us.


IMG_1657Passover is also a perfect excuse to initiate a spring cleaning of the classroom. Students had a wonderful time scrubbing down our tables, organizing our supplies and library. The air was sweet with their efforts as they left for break, each clutching their special Hagaddah and bulging bags of collected detritus from their cubbies.

I can’t wait to see them all after break to hear all about their Seders and to observe how much each one has grown in just ten days!