Fun Friday in Math

“Can I work on my Math Board Game during quiet time?”

“When can I make a Math Machine?”

“Can I make more math cards?”


This is just a sampling of questions that are asked during the week in anticipation for Fun Friday in Math. Students work at their own pace to create a math board game or pack of cards based on math skills of the week. Each game must be given a name, and a written  set of directions. Students are discovering that writing directions is not as easy as it seems to be! Each game will be laminated so they will be sturdy enough to be played with over and over again in class and at home. Hmm…imagine a homework assignment to play the game with their parents or siblings. Now that is what I would call Homefun instead of Homework!

Our next Fun Friday project will be to create their own Math Machines out of gallon sized milk cartons brought from home. The beauty of this activity is that once made, students can add new cards based on the skills introduced each week.

What a fun way to show what each student has learned in math!Math machine