The Beauty of Fall

Every time the pre-k class went on the playground, they noted how the Maple tree changed.  It was so sad when it dropped it’s leaves, but we learned a song to celebrate this fall event: “Oh Mrs. Tree it seems to me you dress a little silly.  When it’s hot you wear a lot, but nothing when it’s chilly.”

Autumn has inspired the children to create marvelous fall trees and Leaf Man collages.  Each project is unique and allowed the children to observe the changes outside and express themselves in the classroom.  The favorite tree was the Maple with it’s rainbow of colors.  We also examined Oak, Sassafras, Poplar, Honey Locust, Ash, and Wild Cherry to name a few species.  The children especially enjoyed the acorns, berries, and seed pods they observed.  We read many books on the subject of fall, but the favorite by far was Leaf Man.


img_0828           img_0826     img_0824

img_0823                          img_0822

       img_0821                           img_0820       img_0819

When the children took a fall walk, they most enjoyed crunching in the beautiful red leaves in front of the building!