Tu’Beshvat, puppet shows and a Crazy Cat in 1st grade!


Tu’Beshvat & The Puppet Show all in one day!


Last Wednesday was quite a day for us in First Grade!

We started the day with a celebratory Tu’Beshvat snack of Majool dates and green olives from Israel.

Then we were off to our first and only dress rehearsal (thanks to last week’s snow day).

The excitement continued to build as parents filtered in……

and we were ready for the performance to begin!


As promised, here is the video for those who were not able to join us. Enjoy!


If you took pics of the show, please share with me! I was so busy with the performance that I took very little photos and would love to post them on the blog.

Thank you Leanna for reading us a fabulous book,

The Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein





and finally, let me introduce you to our new best buddy.

Meet Crazy Cat


Why is there a cat in the homework folder? Crazy cat is a useful tool to help First Graders with penmanship.  Crazy Cat works as a fun visual aid to assist children in remembering where letters should sit between the lines and their sizing. It has been a huge hit with the kiddos.  You might find one in a homework folder every once in a while, so don’t be alarmed. He is very friendly!

Is it spring yet?

I am ready to be done with this snow. Here in Sharon, we have a record 5.5 inches of the white stuff.