Hey Now, You’re a Rock Star!

Brain breaks are one of the keys to success in First grade.  I have discovered that my kiddos crave this five minute break of dancing  to refocus themselves after a group discussion. Here are some snap shots of the kids boogying on down a dance video.  By the end of the week everyone was doing it.

Rock Star


heck out the dance moves on these kids!

T’kiyah!!!! The Shofar was blown in First Grade

Rosh Hashanah was our main focus this week in Kitah Aleph. Student learned how to blow the Shofar and  welcome the new year.  They learned new Rosh Hashanah songs  by using the words of the song as props.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.49.24 AM


For many students, it was their first time blowing the Shofar!

בראש השנה   אומרים   שנה טובה

Be yom Rishon

Highlights of the week:

Math Centers!

Students reviewed how to read a graph by looking carefully at the number of letters in their names and analysing the data. Conclusion:  Ruben wins first place for the longest name of 23 letters and  Yaniv a close 2nd place with 20 letters!

Students also reviewed the hundreds chart and skip counting.




Kindness and acceptance reigns in First Grade

This week we read two books related to kindness towards each other in the classroom; Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes an  The Family Book by Todd Parr. We had a meaningful conversation about how many families may look different but that all families share similar many things in common such as, their parents  love of their children.

Below is a student generated list of what all families share in common and our smoothed out (but still a little wrinkled) heart complete with bandaids to help heal a heart that had been hurt by mean words.