First Graders Are Bridge Engineers!

First Graders Are Bridge Engineers!


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First grade accepted the Science challenge to balance a dixie cup full of steal nuts on a  bridge made from  a single piece of paper and two plastic cups.  Our quick thinking students came up with several solutions and proudly displayed their discoveries with each other.


Preparation for  Kabbalat Shabbat.

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We are working hard for our Kabbalat Shabbat Celebration by practicing our songs and prayers and creating stain glass inspired Kiddish cups.


Tuna Fish Towers 



The Tuna Fish drive is well on it’s way.  By Friday afternoon we had collected a whopping 144 (thanks to Yael who counted each one for us) cans of Tuna.  Way to go First Grade!

During our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat Assembly on Friday, Mr. Tilove held an open discussion  with the all of the students about the  objectives for collecting the cans for the Kosher Food pantry of Providence.  It was decided collectively that instead of a competition  between grades for the most tuna fish cans collected, the school now has been challenged to collect  1000 (of more) for the food Pantry.  The ice cream party will be for all the students if we meet the 1000+ challenge.


Special Visitor Thursday




Thank you to Eli’s mom, Rachel for being our Special Visitor on Thursday.  Rachel brought in the English and Hebrew translation  of  The Cat in The Hat.

We both had a blast reading to the group each page in English and then in Hebrew,  what a wonderful idea!

Spontaneous teamwork at the end of the day.


On Thursday afternoon after a long day, we made time for some Meditation and Yoga.

Afterwards these kids spontaneously organized themselves into a pyramid and asked me to take a picture of them.

This folks, is what I like to call Teacher’s gold.  A precious moment.

Shavouah tov!