First grade visits the RISD Nature Lab!

To wrap up our Teeth unit, The First Grade visited The Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD. Where else can one find a Black Bear,  a Puffer Fish, the skull of of a Tamarin Monkey (which is really rare), a gigantic honey comb and dried pomegranates?

The cherry on the top? Students were able to hold and touch (almost all) every specimen in the lab.

The day before our visit I showed them this introductory video:


Together, we brainstormed all our questions and reviewed what we had learned about animal teeth and Human teeth. We were ready!



And so, on the rainiest  day of the year, armed with the students sketchbooks from Art class, we arrived at the lab soaked to the bone and full of excitement.  We were greeted by Melita Morales who serves as the Lab’s STEAM Engagement Coordinator and our very own JCDSRI parent Rachel Atlas. (Rachel is one of the Assistant Curators of the lab.) Together they gave us a wonderful introduction, answered all of the children’s questions and time to explore, draw and write in this amazing place. It was a wonderful way to conclude our unit.

Here is the contact information if you are interested in visiting.

 The Edna Lawrence Nature Lab
Rhode Island School of Design
2 College Street
Providence, RI  02903

Located at: 13 Waterman Street, Providence, RI

Phone: 401-454-6451


Enjoy the photos.



IMG_5143         IMG_5142


IMG_5138 IMG_5136

IMG_5134 IMG_5133


IMG_5161 IMG_5162 IMG_5165