My bucket is full!



Last week was our first full week back at school and what a busy week it was!

We read a marvelous book, How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath and Mary Rectmeyer  together.

IMG_5286This is a book that is appropriate for students from Kindergarten-Grade 2. This book explains that we all have invisible buckets of water over our heads. The negative actions of others toward us can empty the buckets, and our own meanness toward them can deplete their vessels, too. Positive actions reverse the process. Felix refuses to allow his sister to play blocks with him. When she angrily kicks over his tower, his grandfather explains that Felix dipped from his sister’s container. The next morning Felix actually sees a bucket floating over his own head, and during the course of the day, as he is alternately bullied and praised, he realizes what causes it to be empty or full.

This was a perfect book to read to our class and the kids quickly began to think about how we can use this in our classroom.

Ideas ranged from actual individual buckets to a class bucket.  Stay tuned to how we continue to talk about being aware of our buckets.

My bucket was almost completely full when we were joined by 2nd Grade for our weekly Tfillot on Thursday morning.  There is nothing sweeter then hearing all of their voices harmonizing together as they sing,  Ma Tovu. (one of the morning prayers that declares how happy we are to be in God’s house)

At the end of the week, students were challenged to think of at least one thing that filled their buckets this week. What a wonderful way to wrap up the week and welcome Shabbat and the weekend.


Three-Dimentional Shapes!

“How many vertices are there in a rectangular prism?”


There are 8 vertices in a rectangular prism.

(in case you need to be reminded…A vertex is where the edges of a shape meet. In other words, the corners of the shape)

Students learned  new geometry vocabulary this week and truly enjoyed creating their own  three- dimensional shapes out of cranberries and toothpicks.

Armed with their own small box of cranberries, they munched as they worked hard on their shapes of choice.

Check out the results of their work.















Sneak peak for next week!

This week we are learning about Martin Luther King Jr in honor of his birthday.

In Math, students will learn how to use Ordinal Numbers (first = 1st, second = 2nd up to tenth = 10th)
and Positional Words.  (also known has prepositional words such as next to, on top of, between, to the  left and right of…)

The homework this week will reflect this learning!

1st Grade Reminders!

I am convinced that there is a Kippah monster living in our classroom munching shamelessly on our Kippot. (by the way, that same monster lives in my dryer and gorges on my socks as well which is how I explain  all of the single socks in my drawer.)

Please send in extra Kippot!!!

Hot Lunch Announcement

Please review with your kids the day they have hot lunch.  Some kids are either totally shocked to find out they have hot lunch or kids come up to ask if they have hot lunch when they do not.  It is very disappointing for the kiddos when they do not (although they have food in their lunch boxes).
Shavouah tov!
Have a great week everyone!