How can we calm our brains?

Participating in fourth grade, or any grade for that matter, can be pretty exciting here at JCDSRI. We take great pride in creating activities involving play, creativity, and real world problems and solutions. But what do you when it is time to calm your brain? How do you even calm your brain? Fourth grade has found an answer! We have decided to incorporate mindfulness meditation into our weekly activities. Once or twice a week, we take ten minutes to listen to a guided meditation in our own comfortable meditation spots. Some of us sit on chairs, some of us lay on rugs, and some of us use a pencil to doodle silently while we listen. At the end of ten minutes we shake our limbs, take a deep breath, and transition back into our academic work.

Taking these few precious minutes away from traditional learning allows little brains grow. Students are allowed the time to process the day’s activities while building mental flexibility and changing their classroom perspectives. We can’t wait to share how much we have mentally grown in the next few weeks!