Have a Wonderful Winter Break

With so many Monday snow days and Tuesday delayed openings, I feel like February was extremely short. Here are just a few highlights to share before we all venture to different parts of the globe on vacation:

  • We continued with our mathematical unit on fractions and learned about mixed numbers and improper fractions.
  • We used our multiplication and division skills to find a common denominator and to reduce a fraction to simplest form.
  • We solidified our speedy multiplication skills with a partner dice game.
  • Third and fourth collaborated to design health posters about smoking, exercise, healthy eating, seatbelt safety, texting and driving and drugs.
  • We researched online about our topic and synthesized and presented the information to our classmates.
  • We began rehearsing a western readers theater titled, Lightning Larry.
  • We wrapped up our electricity unit by designing, building and fully wiring a house to light up using a battery, bulbs and wires.
  • We finished reading chapters 10- 15 inĀ our suspenseful Holocaust novel, Number the Stars.
  • We continued typing our fantasy/dialogue stories in the computer lab.
  • We began sharing our amazing bowling pin biography projects.

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Important Dates

  • Tuesday February 24th from 8:15-8:45= Biography bowling pin presentation in 4th grade classroom
  • Tuesday, February 24th at 10:00=Alice Goldstein, Holocaust survivor, speaks to grade four
  • Friday, February 27th=no school for children

Have a wonderful, relaxing, safe and warm week. I will see you all on February 23rd!