What Can I Do Better Next Year

After  learning about the story of Jonah and the big fish, we had a discussion about Jonah’s experience and the importance of trying to do the right thing and the beauty of forgiveness when we make mistakes.

How do you show chesed (kindness) to your friends/family?

Asher: I’ll try new things. I’ll help my mom wash the dishes.

Eli: On Shabbat my mom always tries to make everything neat. Sometimes guests come. This shabbat I will help her clean up the mess.

Joseph: I’ll help my mom clean the table after supper.

Jake: I’ll feed the cats, even though it’s a little bit hard. I have to put the cat’s food in the basement.


What do we want to do better next year?

Maya: I will not pinch my daddy when I think he is not looking at me. I’ll use my words.

Sidney: I’m not going to be mean to my sister.

Sasha: Sometimes I don’t let Yasha play with my toys. I’ll fix my mistake and I’ll tell him that he can play with my toys.

Ruben: I’m not going to bang things hard like I broke the cash register in our classroom.

Sophie: Sometimes I’m not listening to Jonah. I’ll try to listen to him more.

Jake: I will not overflow the bathtub.

Joseph: Sometimes when my mom tells me to take a shower I do not listen. I’ll listen more to my mom.

Eli: When I’m in the bath, I keep forgetting not to splash the water on my brother. I know he hates it. I am not going to do that anymore. I’ll remember to stop. I will also not run in the hallway or slam the door when I go to the bathroom during the night.

Asher: I will not trick Ronan with the magic cards.