A Whale of a Time

Fourth Graders just completed an in depth study on whales! Students learned a bit about several species of whales, and then each of them chose one to research and present to IMG_3642their peers and families. Using online and print sources, these students became experts on their chosen whales!

To really bring our study to life, we decided to create scale models of these creatures and hang them in our classroom. After measuring out the true length of each whale, students used division to create a scale by which they would design and create their models. Their research helped them decide which features to highlight and include as they created their pieces in art class.


Their whales will hang in our classroom for the next several weeks as we begin thinking about why so many whales are now endangered. This question has led us to a study of the history of whaling in New England, and we are continuing to learnĀ under the shadows of these majestic mammals.