?הידעתם- Did you know? Yom Ha’atzmaut fun facts

We learned cool facts for Israel’s Independence day.

Here are some of the facts that some of the kids announced over the intercom.

Jacob-” Did you know that a favorite food of Israeli children is schnitzel? Which is kind of like a big flat chicken nugget.”

Ella- ” Did you know that at the end of the day in Pre-K, students eat Lechem ve chocolate which is a bread and chocolate sandwich.”

Ruben- “Did you know that in Israel the clock is based on a 24 hour system? So 3:15 is written 15:15.”

Ari Lev- ” Did you know that on Yom Hazicharon (Israel’s memorial day) all Israelis stop for 2 minutes of silence when a siren goes off to remember the fallen soldiers.”

Aviva- ” Did you know that on Pessach, the people of Israel can’t buy chametz in the supermarkets? The aisles are covered with fabric so you can’t buy it!.”

Yeal-” Did you know that in Israel, students go to school from Sunday to Thursday?.”