JCDSRI Emergency Israeli Student Fund

As our community continues to grieve for all those killed or taken hostage in Israel and agonize alongside all those experiencing unimaginable terrors, we are facing a new challenge. Hundreds of families with young children are fleeing from their homes in Israel, searching for temporary respite from the war. They are seeking a safe haven where they can find community and peace – and where they can feel safe as Jews. Responding to their call, JCDSRI is opening our hearts and our classrooms to these children. 
But we cannot act alone. We need your help. 
  1. Sponsor Tuition: Sponsor 3 months of tuition for these children – $7,500 for a single child or $60,000 for 8
  2. Hiring Additional Staff: Assistant teachers are needed for our early childhood classrooms as we add more students to our already full classrooms. Additional staffing will allow us to sustain our teacher-student ratios while also providing necessary support to our newest students – $60,000. 
  3. Supporting Jewish Education: You can help us by donating any amount that will allow us to provide these incoming Israeli children with a meaningful and joyful Jewish education.